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Event management
by Fiona Russell | £12.99

Whether it is a national conference, a training workshop, a public meeting, or a local fundraiser, events are the public face of your organisation. This practical book covers all aspects of event management to help you organise events with confidence.

How to become a brilliant presenter
by Tess Woodcraft | £12.99

Most of us have attended a conference and been impressed by a speaker who held the audience's attention, was clear, warm and inspiring; a memorable presenter. Our book gives a range of techniques and tested advice to help you build your own memorable and authentic presentation style.

Influencing skills
by Tess Woodcraft | £12.99

The role of influence in our working lives is increasingly being recognised. Flatter, increasingly global and digital organisations, more matrix and project working, steering groups and collaborative working. Ensuring your messages are heard and securing buy-in from stakeholders is a challenge for us all. 

Management and leadership
by Rachel Harrison | £12.99

Effective management practice starts with your ability to manage yourself. Aimed at middle to senior level managers, this book looks into communication, strategy, negotiation and the art of management to develop your management and leadership skills.

Moving into management
by Julia Braggins | £12.99

When you become a manager everything changes. You are accountable not just for your own work, but for the work of other people too. This book, aimed at new or junior level managers, focuses on what it is that makes a good manager and how you can lead an effective and motivated team.

Project management
by Jan Burnell | £12.99

Everyone has to manage projects; at work, at home, in our leisure time, we all have to pick up a piece of work and take it through to finish, sometimes on our own, sometimes working with others. From the lifecycle of the project to budget control, this book gives a step-by-step guide to running successful projects.

Strategic planning and thinking
by Howard Exton-Smith | £12.99

Starting from knowing where you are and moving to where you want to get to, this book takes you right through a strategic planning process with helpful tools, techniques and ideas for every stage to enhance your strategic thinking skills.

Supervision and appraisal skills
by Jan Burnell | £12.99

To be a successful supervisor you must provide opportunities for staff to discuss their progress, performance, issues and feelings about work and their organisation. This book explores all the elements of supervision including motivation, staff development, managing a team, communication skills and feedback.

Taking and writing minutes
by Jan Burnell | £12.99

Whether you are writing minutes for a small informal gathering or a formal board, they are an important document. This book has been written to help you write business-like, clear and concise minutes that deal accurately with the proceedings of the meeting and that leave out all the ‘waffle'.

Training the trainer
by Tess Woodcraft | £12.99

Preparation is at the heart of an effective training session. Even if you are called upon to give the same training on several occasions, that itself is an opportunity to develop your skills and inject something new into it every time. This book covers understanding and motivating trainees, personal impression management, training techniques and monitoring and evaluation.

Writing at work: a complete guide
by Chris Mohr | £12.99

Being able to write effectively is a great asset. It enables you to make your points clearly and concisely, engage your readers' interest, persuade and influence others, and get the action you want. But writing at work is not just a personal matter. How you write also reflects your corporate image. 

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